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The Village of Morton Grove deserves the best, which is why we put so much effort and dedication behind all of our home appraisal services.

Morton Grove Home Appraisal Services

We know that Morton Grove is a scenic and safe place to live that holds a rich history and vibrant community of friendly people (and home of my favorite pizza – Pequod’s). All of our home appraisers are familiar with the market conditions and attributes that make Morton Grove so special. We go the extra mile to make sure that our home appraisals have been rigorously reviewed with an attentive eye for the important details. If you are looking for a home appraiser that cares about their work, contact us today.

Regardless of where a person lives, appraisal services are a necessary component of nearly all real estate transactions. This is no different for any of our clients in Morton Grove. We have helped many people with appraisals for all types of applications and we specialize in non-lender appraisals for situations such as divorce, estate settlement or financial planning. We consider every factor in order to provide a totally unbiased and professional result.

True Market Experts

We take pride in our ability to analyze and clearly explain your Arlington Heights property's market conditions that can play a significant role in your valuation.

Non-Lender Specialists

We specialize in "non-lender" appraisals.  This includes appraisals for divorce, estate settlement, tax appeal, financial planning, PMI removal, FSBO listings, etc.

Over 60 5-Star Reviews

Just search "Rowe Appraisal Group" and you will find over 60 5-star reviews. Our clients love our detail, responsiveness, and willingness to answer any and all questions.

Paul Rowe

About the Owner

After graduating from Eastern Illinois with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and then 5 years in the Sales Industry, Paul finally found his calling in the Appraisal Profession. Over the last 10 years, he has been recognized nationally as a top appraiser, has been published in Working RE magazine, and currently sits on the Appraisal Advisory Panel for the leading provider of education in the Appraisal Profession.

Paul Rowe went out of his way to do an extremely careful and accurate appraisal of this very unique property! Very pleased with a job very well done! Couldn't recommend him more!

Melanie Parsons
Real Estate Agent

Through my appraisal career, I have met many others in the same profession. Paul Rowe, and Rowe Appraisal Group are at the top of my list of favorite appraisers. They understand what clients need, happily deliver to them, and know the Chicago area real estate market. When I come into contact with folks that need the best Chicago area real estate appraiser, I am happy to send them to Paul and the Rowe Appraisal Group!

Matt Frenthaway
Real Estate Appraiser

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