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We provide professional home appraisal services for every client in Des Plaines and always ensure that our results are accurate and reliable.

​Des Plaines Home Appraisal Services

As a former resident of Des Plaines, I know there is much more than the hometown of the first McDonald’s. It is a city with a strong history that dates back to 1833 with the Potawatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Within close proximity to O’hare International Airport, this is a city that every home appraiser on our team knows how to value with a reliable accuracy that can only be found with us. Have no doubt in your home appraisal by giving us a call today.

Most of our clients in Des Plaines require appraisal services for home purchase and sale transactions, but there are many that need an appraisal for a variety of other reasons. We specialize in non-lender appraisals, which are perfect for tax assessments, financial planning, and other settlement processes. Regardless of the requirement, we analyze every aspect of a property to provide an assessment that is highly accurate and resoundingly reliable for all applications.

True Market Experts

We take pride in our ability to analyze and clearly explain your Des Plaines property's market conditions that can play a significant role in your valuation.

Non-Lender Specialists

We specialize in "non-lender" appraisals.  This includes appraisals for divorce, estate settlement, tax appeal, financial planning, PMI removal, FSBO listings, etc.

Over 60 5-Star Reviews

Just search "Rowe Appraisal Group" and you will find over 60 5-star reviews. Our clients love our detail, responsiveness, and willingness to answer any and all questions.

Paul Rowe

About the Owner

After graduating from Eastern Illinois with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and then 5 years in the Sales Industry, Paul finally found his calling in the Appraisal Profession. Over the last 10 years, he has been recognized nationally as a top appraiser, has been published in Working RE magazine, and currently sits on the Appraisal Advisory Panel for the leading provider of education in the Appraisal Profession.

Kristin Petersen

Paul's appraisal gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision for our family with a large-scale remodel. Paul is timely, knowledgeable and thorough. Working with him was a highlight in what can be a stressful situation.

Erica Minchella
Real Estate Attorney

Paul Rowe is a consummate professional. In appraisal work there are hard facts and there is nuance. Paul does not ignore factors that are outside of the facts that could influence the value of a piece of property - such as litigation regarding the property, conditions of the immediate neighborhood that might not be affecting other similar properties a few blocks away. Paul digs in, does his due diligence and is able to come up with a number that not only can be relied upon but can stand up in court (and has). Absolutely one the top appraisers in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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