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For the best home appraisal services available in the buzzing city of Chicago contact a team that cares about accuracy, trust and treating every client as a top priority.

​Chicago Home Appraisal Services

As a city with many different neighborhoods and areas, we know that every part of Chicago has its own characteristics and attributes. We are there to make sure that you get an accurate appraisal that is specifically geared to current market conditions. We are careful to consider all aspects of your neighborhood including location and nearby amenities. Never have doubt in a home appraiser again by connecting with the best Chicago appraisers available in the city.

Appraisal services are needed for a variety of real estate transactions across the city of Chicago everyday. Appraisals provide an unbiased professional evaluation of a property’s value, which is necessary for most buying and selling transactions, as well as for different refinancing situations. We are experts at providing reliable home appraisal services and we always take careful consideration of your home’s condition, location, and its amenities in order to give the most accurate results possible.

True Market Experts

We take pride in our ability to analyze and clearly explain your Chicago property's market conditions that can play a significant role in your valuation.

Non-Lender Specialists

We specialize in "non-lender" appraisals.  This includes appraisals for divorce, estate settlement, tax appeal, financial planning, PMI removal, FSBO listings, etc.

Over 60 5-Star Reviews

Just search "Rowe Appraisal Group" and you will find over 60 5-star reviews. Our clients love our detail, responsiveness, and willingness to answer any and all questions.

Paul Rowe

About the Owner

After graduating from Eastern Illinois with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and then 5 years in the Sales Industry, Paul finally found his calling in the Appraisal Profession. Over the last 10 years, he has been recognized nationally as a top appraiser, has been published in Working RE magazine, and currently sits on the Appraisal Advisory Panel for the leading provider of education in the Appraisal Profession.

Paul is very knowledgeable. I googled him and asked him about a particular deal I was working on. He was very generous to share his time, expertise and insight on valuating a property with me. Thanks again Paul!

Mark Whitley
Real Estate Agent

I called Paul after hours on a Fri. eve and he was not only kind enough to pick up his phone but also spent a good 20-30 minutes with me answering my questions. At the beginning of the conversation he knew I was not a client prospect due to my situation. However, he helped me understand the appraisal process, answered my questions, and gave me advice on some options I had. In addition, he emailed me afterward with some helpful links. Talk about customer service, and I wasn't even a customer. Fantastic!

Janice Oliva

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